Scottish Independence: Do They Really Want To Know?

The Yes Scotland campaign website has a page, “Undecided – tell us why?”, where you can fill in a form with your reasons for not knowing which way you might vote at next year’s independence referendum. A week or so ago I sent them this message: Our financial system is designed in such a way…

Take a few minutes to listen to Bruce Davis┬átelling us about how to take control of our spare money. Don’t “save”, invest. You might not want to invest in the same stuff that he does but it shows us that things can change, are changing, in the money world.

Savers Should Stop Bleating And Start Investing

I feel sorry for people who have money tied up in poorly-performing financial products from which they can’t escape, but I have no patience with the likes of this lot – – who seem to think that they have a God-given right to an income from money that’s lying idle in a bank account.…

Great article by John Aziz explaining why you can’t get a return on hoarded, idle, stagnant money during a recession. For an economy to thrive money has to be used to fund productive activities. Recession is caused by too much money rotting in bank accounts.

This article via Positive Money is gratifying. Looks like Frederick Snoddy came to similar conclusions as myself back in the 1920s. Especially that one of our biggest mistakes is to pretend that money = wealth. The article is also good on the utter failure of orthodox economics.

A nice clear summary from Positive Money of why the reported economic recovery is an illusion, and why we will suffer from ever-increasing debt until we change the way that money is created and used.