The Yes Movement & Political Engagement

The Yes Movement & Political Engagement.  Supporters of a “No” vote in September’s referendum on Scottish independence and enthusiasts for keeping the UK intact need to read this article from Jen Stout. This is where the groundswell of support for independence is coming from and tells us what needs to happen in the whole of the UK, not just Scotland.

2 thoughts on “The Yes Movement & Political Engagement

    • Glenfender utterly missed the point of this article. The referendum is a catalyst in Scotland. The idea of a united radical grassroots movement in the UK context is a pipe dream. Yes people are shouting for change in England, but nobody is listening – the only party affecting the status quo in England is UKIP, and that’s an entirely different kind of radicalism… If you think the Common Weal agenda is navel gazing, think again.

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